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Light at the end of the Tunnel?

The Daily Mail has published an Article on possessions that people take with them on divorce.  I was struck by how much those people interviewed can talk about their divorce as something in the past and which although painful has not stopped them moving on with their lives.  I think the message is, that although divorce can be seen as a very dark period in life, that it can be survived and life can and does take its place.

Britain is the Divorce Capital of the World

An article published in the Telegraph today says that Britain is the divorce capital of the world with foreign nationals coming here to start their divorce knowing they may get a much better deal than in their own country.  The article doesn’t mention that for most people, the legal system is overwhelmingly confusing and they struggle with it.  It is hard for someone who has had no experience of the process of law to get to grips with the long, arduous and expensive journey they have to make, especially if their divorce is contested by their ex and if the ex does not want to mediate or get involved in a collaborative process. Many of our clients who come to our groups complain about the long forms they have to fill in, the letters they have to read from their ex’s solicitor and how they don’t really understand the system.  Britain may be the divorce capital of the world for the rich, but to make it sound like it is all fun and games is very far from the experience that most people have.

Top Tips for Divorce on Video.

I have posted a video on you tube giving some tips on how to cope with your feelings during separation and divorce. You can now log onto youtube to see this video by cutting and pasting this link: 

Divorce in the over 50’s.

Yours magazine recently interviewed me on the rise in divorce for the over 50’s and why this might be happening. You can read the full interview here