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Divorce at the Co-Op

The Co-op have announced that they are now dealing with divorces on a sliding scale from £99.  Campaigners have been quick to step in and say that it will just encourage divorce and devalues marriage.  The divorce process itself is such a long and protracted one and despite the law’s best endeavours is still quite contentious.  Non-contentious divorce where both parties agree and have insufficient funds to fund separate lawyers should be able to access easier routes.  There is no merit when someone has decided to divorce to make it as painful and costly as possible.  The vast majority of people who take the difficult decision to divorce have spent a long time being unhappy, working on their relationship and have decided there is no alternative.  Divorce as I have said many times, is painful and has long term consequences. The fact that you can buy one at the Co-Op will make no difference to that and will not encourage anyone who is not in the market to divorce, to put one in their basket along with their groceries. 

Are men more committed?

The Marriage Foundation has published some research today which has been written about in the Daily Mail.  They have quoted some statistics showing that divorce rates are going down and that fewer women than in the past apply for a divorce especially in the first three years of marriage.  The assumption they make based on these results is that men are more committed than they used to be and therefore are giving less reasons for their wives to issue divorce proceedings.  That may be the case, but I think that what is odd is the quantum leap from the research statistics to their hypothesis.  It is hardly scientific, and has no link, as far as I can see with the Marriage Foundation’s assumptions.  How do we know it is not because people can’t afford to divorce now, or because women know how tough it is out there for them if they divorce.  How do we know that this study has a significant enough research base for it to provide any meaning.  No-one would disagree that commitment is better than no commitment, that fidelity is better than infidelity, but please, if we are going to have some research, let’s make the leap from the statistics to the conclusion meaningful not random.

Our new Divorce Workshop

Our next divorce workshop is on Saturday November 3rd in Holborn Central London.  There is more information at  Let us know if you would like to join it.

September is here and welcome back.

Divorce Support Group is ready for the Autumn and we are looking forward to running our one day workshops, ten week groups and seeing individuals to help make your separation manageable.  Our newsletter will be sent out in two weeks please do email me here if you haven’t yet subscribed to it or would like to submit an anonymous question for our Agony Aunt section. And remember, you can follow us on Twitter and Facebook too, so if you are going through divorce or separation, come and let us support you.