Group Session

J (female aged 44 with 2 Children aged 10 and 12)  – Group sessions

How were you feeling when you approached DSG?

I was feeling very lost. I had split with my partner  a few months before and it had been very painful. I had great friends I could talk to but I didn’t want to bore them anymore and I think some felt I should be getting on with things in the nicest possible way!  I still needed to talk things out and lot’s of things were happening to me that I didn’t really understand.

Why did you choose DSG?

I found DSG on the internet as I was desperately searching for answers, support etc.  I thought it might be good for me to talk through things with people who were going through the same things in a controlled place.  I called and talked with Charlotte and felt immediately reassured that this was the right place for me to come and get some support.

What are your experiences of the process?

All the people in the group were going through the same as me. It was such a relief to be able to go there every week and take my worries and feelings. It was surprising under the circumstances that the group was a very positive place to be. I think I could say things in there that I might not have told my friends and family because no one knew me, no one could judge me and Charlotte made it feel very safe.  It was a privilege to share in the other people’s lives and they gave me lots of good advice and encouragement.

How did you feel at the end?

By the end of the sessions I felt really positive and could see how far I had moved on. I was really beginning to live my life again and could see a future out there for me. I felt sad not to have the group anymore but we have kept in touch and meet up occasionally to catch up which has been great.