Group Sessions

R (Female aged 39 children aged 12 and 10)  – Group sessions

How were you feeling when you approached DSG?

I was fortunate to find DSG when I most needed it. Desperate, fearful and confused, my marriage was in ruins, and so was I. After thirty years, I knew that I needed to divorce my husband,  but had no idea how to cope emotionally, or even practically, with the process.

Why did you choose DSG?

What are your experiences of the process?

The weekly group sessions became my life raft in those turbulent days. Charlotte guided us through the roller coaster emotions, and enabled us to share our fears and anxieties. Even the most tentative grew stronger and more confident through discovering that we were all going through the same agonies. Worries about children, family, work, money and most of all, our own fragile selves, seemed easier to handle. We laughed as well as cried, and firm friendships were forged along the way

How did you feel at the end?

The DSG was a crucial part of my journey to independence. I am grateful to Charlotte, and to the group, for helping me to move forward into a new happiness.