Group sessions with a DSG therapist

Our Groups

  • Although you know only too well the depth of the pain that you are experiencing, it can be hard for you to talk about  it in a world where there may be an expectation that its time for you to move on.
  • Our Groups give you a real opportunity to share your experiences with others and perhaps say things that you don’t say to friends or family. You will be able to hear how others are coping which will help you with your experiences. It is a place to get to know others who are going  through the same thing. It will stop you feeling so alone and isolated and provides a place you can bring  your roller coaster of emotions each week.  You will find that others in the group will be of enormous help to you. You will come to realise that you are not alone. Many people make such connections with the others in the group that  they continue to see them socially long after the 10 sessions have ended.
  • Groups are small, run for 10 x 90 minute sessions, and generally, once they start they are closed to newcomers – it’s just you and up to 7 other people. Groups include people at all different stages. Some may have just left or been left, some may have separated many months ago and may just be starting the divorce process, and some may be divorced but still can’t sever the emotional connection. It’s this mixture of experiences in the group that is so powerful and helpful.

How we do it

  • During your groups sessions we will look  at what has happened, how you feel now, and what an unanticipated, unplanned future could look like.
  • A typical first session
    • At the beginning of the first session you may feel anxious, not knowing  what to expect, or what other people may be like, but that feeling will be dispelled quite quickly.  Everyone feels the same.
    • You might feel that listening  to how unhappy others are will make things worse for you. It doesn’t. It may put you in touch with how you feel and by processing that helps you move through it.
    • You will get to know each other, and talk about what you hope to get out of it
    • You will feel that other people’s experiences really gives you a perspective on your own feelings.
    • Your group will be run by an expert who will make you feel looked after.
  • Through the remaining sessions we will look at your fears about the future, your  disappointment and your sense of your self. We will look at  how you can use your feelings to help you move on. You will look at how you might begin to trust others again and you will start to see that there is  light at the end of the tunnel. We will look at what is stopping you doing what you need to do to get through it.
  • Each session is slightly different. There is a loose structure to the sessions. Some sessions have carefully designed tasks. For example, we use writing and drawing to help you look at things differently. All of our techniques are reliable ways of helping you move towards a feeling of control of your life and to manage better.

How you join a group

  • Group sessions are arranged by your local therapist – some are day groups and some are evening groups.
  • If you would like to join a group it will be necessary for you to have an initial individual consultation with your local therapist
    • This will give you a sense of your therapist and allow your therapist to have a sense of who you are –  this will make the group a much better experience for you
    • Remember that this is the same requirement for everyone that will attend your group – it’s about creating a safe, positive and effective group environment for all
    • We believe that any professional support group must be run this way
  • This initial individual session will last for 50 mins and costs £50


  • Group sessions cost £38 each – we are happy for you to pay session by session but we ask that if you would like to reserve a place in a group you will need to pay for your first session at your individual appointment
  • Will can offer a £20 discount if you pay for all 10 sessions upfront
  • Just call our local rate number 0844 800 90 98 or email us to get started