Individual Sessions with a DSG therapist

  • Individual sessions are ideal for those who don’t wish to share their experiences in a group, or for those whose personal commitments mean they can’t attend a regular group session .
  • Our trained psychotherapists help you manage the  pain of separation or divorce.  They have a wealth of professional experience in relation to divorce.
  • Sessions are arranged with your local therapist, at a time to suit you
  • There is a range options to suit your time commitments and budget – you can have as many or as few individual consultations as you want:
    • Individual consultation: 50 mins
    • By Telephone:              20 minutes – £20, 40 minutes – £40 or 55 minutes – £50
  • We also offer individual consultation bundles to make multiple sessions more affordable  – these bundles must be booked and paid for in advance
  • 5 individual sessions (£275)
  • Just call our local rate national number 0844 800 90 98 or email us to get started