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Divorce Workshops

Divorce Support Group continues its series of one day workshops,designed to help you recover from and cope with your divorce or separation.  Our next one is in Holborn, Central London on 25th February 2012.
Whether you are newly separated, or going through the legal process or are already divorced, the Divorce Workshop will give you an opportunity to meet others and share your experiences.  We will help you think about how to move through your painful feelings, feel less stuck and start to think about your future without fear.  
We will also help you think about how to answer your children’s questions about their situation and manage any worries that you may have about them.
The workshops run from 10 am to 3.00pm The cost is £55 including lunch.
For more information go to or to book a place please call 0207 483 1378 or email

Divorcing with Manners?


Next month, Debrett’s, the guide to all things proper, will be publishing it’s Guide to A Civilised Separation. The guide is aimed at helping warring couples remain civil and respectable during the usually acrimonious business of divorce.

Although much of the guide may be common sense, it might be interesting bedtime reading for those who wish that their ex would behave in as civilised a way as they are and may provide useful information and reassurance.  All in all, a pretty picture of what a respectable divorce may look like.