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Our new Divorce Workshop

Our next divorce workshop is on Saturday November 3rd in Holborn Central London.  There is more information at  Let us know if you would like to join it.

Our Divorce Workshop

We ran a really successful divorce workshop on Saturday in Central London.  The purpose of the day was to help people manage their overwhelming feelings associated with separation.  We talked about loss, feeling stuck, managing children’s expectations and emotions, fear around moving on and strategies for feeling better.  The Workshop was between 10 and 3 with lunch in between. 

All the people who came said how incredible it was to be able to share their experiences with other people who really understood and it made them feel much less alone and isolated.  One of the nicest things that come out of these workshops and our support groups is that people carry on seeing each other afterwards.  Real friendships are made and support continues long after the workshop is finished.  Our Saturday workshop was no different.  Emails were exchanged and I know that they will all continue to do things together.

Our next Workshop is in Central London on Saturday the 24th March

The Divorce Workout.

Divorce Support Group has started a series of one day workshops called The Divorce Workout, designed to help you recover from and help you cope with your divorce or separation.  DSG has got together with A Kidspace to provide these workshops and our next one is going to be in London on Monday November 14th. 

Many people have asked me whether DSG would run a workshop and this is a response to those requests. The idea is that whether you are newly separated, or going through the legal process or are already divorced, you can come to The Divorce Workout to meet others so that you don’t feel so alone with your experience.  We will help you think about how to move through your painful feelings, feel less stuck and start to think about your future without fear.   

We will also help you think about how to answer your children’s questions about their situation and manage any worries that you may have about them.

The workshops run from 10 am to 2.30pm and the next one is on November 14th in North West London. The cost is £60 including lunch.

For more information including how to book a place please call 0207 483 1378 or email