Divorce Workshops

Do you feel alone and isolated? Do you feel you are overburdening friends and family?

This workshop will help you

  • Feel better sooner

  • Discover there is life after divorce

  • Find the new confident you

  • Feel supported

  • Make new friends

  • Let go of the past

  • Start creating your future

Whether you are newly separated, going through a divorce or are already divorced – this workshop will help you move forward with your life feeling motivated and positive.

By sharing similar experiences, doing some tried and tested exercises, meeting others in a similar situation and by learning to manage your own and your children’s experience of your separation, you will begin to take control back in your life and think about your future instead of only your past.

Our next workshop

Our next workshop is on Saturday 21st September in Covent Garden, London

Please contact us for a booking form.

We look forward to meeting you.